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Welcome to ImmigrationEase, where affordable, professional-quality immigration case preparation is made as easy as 1, 2, 3!

We provide a simple, three-step process to preparing a variety of American immigration visa application cases as an alternative to retaining the expensive services of an immigration law firm, and the highly risky proposition of preparing your own application from scratch. The fact of the matter is, like many areas of law, the degree of difficulty to handle an immigration case varies. In some cases, you would definitely need a professional immigration lawyer to handle the entire process. A prime example of this would be deportation or removal defense in immigration court, or BIA appeals (in such cases, we recommend you hire the best immigration lawyer that you can get). On the other hand, there are many other types of immigration process cases where you present immigration forms and the proper supporting evidence, and cases of this nature may be handled effectively by non-professionals. Examples of such US visa cases include family immigration green card sponsorship applications (apply for a green card through marriage, for parents, brother or sister, etc.), tourist visa applications, business visitor visa applications, fiancee visa petitions, etc.

The problem with handling such cases without the assistance of an immigration lawyer is that there is a high risk of submitting the application with a material error or a lack of sufficient evidence. After all, even paralegals with years of experience make mistakes, and require a lawyer to review their work on visa applications before they are filed. Although USCIS does provide instructions to various types of immigration cases, these instructions are often vague, leaving the applicant having to guess as to what documentation they need to submit. For example, USCIS’ instructions for an 1-130 spousal petition states that you may submit “relevant documentation to establish that there is an ongoing marital union,” and USCIS’ instructions for an 1-129 H1B worker petition states that you must submit “evidence showing that the proposed employment qualifies as a specialty occupation.” Without experience to know what USCIS means in these vague instructions, the applicant is left having to guess. Immigration forums may be somewhat helpful but they are also rife with misinformation. Failure to submit sufficient documentation or material errors in the application can lead to lengthy delays in processing, requests for evidence, and in the worst case, outright denial by USCIS or consulates invoking INA 221(g) or 214(n). To take out the guesswork and risk, millions of USA visa applicants choose to hire an immigration law firm to take care of their case, however, for many, hiring a law firm can be somewhat outside of their budget, and they decide to proceed with handling it themselves.

Our mission is to provide an alternative to the high cost of legal representation and the high risk and time burden of pure do-it-yourself immigration (starting with our assessment videos where we seek to simulate a free consultation with an immigration lawyer, asking specific closed-ended questions). There are competing do-it-yourself immigration kits available, however they all seem to be in the form of written immigration guide books/e-books which are not user friendly. We knew that there had to be a better way, so we developed the first of it’s kind do-it-yourself immigration kits in the form of a step-by-step audio-visual screencast tutorial guide along with templates for cover letters and supporting evidence, along with sample completed templates. In other words, when you use our kits, you never have to worry about having to “reinvent the wheel.” The ease of use, and the effectiveness far surpass anything else available on the market. Essentially, it is an over-the-shoulder view of an immigration lawyer preparing an immigration case from beginning to end, where you are provided all of the materials and steps in real-time.

We currently offer our one-of-a-kind kits for the following applications:

These kits have been prepared and are updated by the legal team at the Shah Peerally Law Group (rated “superb” by Avvo.com, as one of the top boutique immigration law firms in the San Francisco Bay Area, helping clients nationwide), and are based on several years of collective experience which you can trust. The Shah Peerally Law Group also provides assistance at the most critical step by reviewing your application before it is filed to ensure that the end-product is essentially of the same quality of what would be submitted if you had hired a professional law firm to prepare your case.

See how ImmigrationEase stacks up against the alternatives:

3-step Case Prep
Case Prep
Case Prep kits
Do-it-yourself (DIY Immigration)


Low – Before the case is filed, a skilled attorney will review the work. Low- The entire process is handled professionally, assuming you hire a reputable attorney. Moderate – If you only use a do-it-yourself kit you might still make errors. If lawyers often correct errors made by paralegals, a complete novice is far more likely to make errors. High – It is very easy to make mistakes when you have no one to review your work, and you only follow directions from USCIS and from what you read in online forums.


Low-Moderate – If you are on a tight budget, simply using the very affordable kit may suffice, but the small additional fee for attorney case review is highly recommended. High – Immigration
case preparation services from a reputable law firm can cost thousands of dollars. A law firm has substantial overhead expenses, and the cost of which has to be passed onto the client in order for the firm to be profitable.
Low – Price range for case prep kits vary, but
it is generally an affordable option.
Free – Other than the cost of filing fees, the cost to file an application where you rely on your own research is minimal.


Low-Moderate- Our step-by step immigration toutorial kits are designed to preserve as much of your time as possible. You will not have to fill out any detailed questionnaires that you would if you hired a law firm. The advantage here is that professional guidance on all contents of your application is provided in real-time, so you don’t have to wait to hear back from the attorney / paralegal. Low-Moderate- Law firms stream-line the case preparation process. You will normally have to complete some detailed questionnaires, and follow the cues of the atttorney / paralegal to provide whatever necessary supporting documentation that you need. High – It is not much of a time saver to buy a typical immigration kit e-book. Typical text-based immigration kits can run in the range of well over 100 pages of dense instructions, which can intimidate anyone from continuing with the process on their own. High – The time to prepare an immigration case when you are searching for what you need can be substantial. USCIS often does not provide complete and easy to follow instructions on their forms. Searching online immigration forums for secondary guidance can be time consuming, and the information you may find may simply be incorrect / outdated. Failure to prepare a case properly leads to delays if not denials.

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